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8 Easy Ways To Get More Pinterest Followers Quick!

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Start taking notes of the most effective strategies to build a captive and active audience with our 8 easy ways to get more Pinterest followers quick..

To increase the number of followers in Pinterest and any other social media network the most important thing is to provide genuine content, high-quality images and informative and attractive videos. In addition, we’re sharing these eight effective strategies so you can get more Pinterest followers quick and start building that audience you always dreamed of.

Create niche boards

Take a look at most popular Pinterest users. Notice how they all have on average around 50 to 100 boards. It’s also obvious that these users have worked hard to create boards as segmented as possible, having more opportunities to be found (and followed) by a targeted audience.
For example, if you write about cooking recipes, a board called “desserts” with all kinds of sweet dishes might work, but a better option would be to divide your board into subcategories such as: cakes, biscuits, chocolate and ice cream.

By categorizing your boards so they are more relevant to people interested in specific topics you’ll increase your chances to get more Pinterest followers quick.

get more pinterest followers quickObserves the trending topics

People, places and events are always a good bait to find new followers. Trending topics are clearly the most searched by keywords, and if your pin fits in it can have more chances of being chosen by any user from that traffic. Pins related with the latest trending topics have an increase of 94 percent in clicks.

Publish your most popular boards

If you have a blog or a website you should post some of your most popular boards in your posts with more  frequency. Due to the fact that you’ll be working with your most popular boards, your opportunities for a greater amount of repins and get new followers will definitely increase.

Follow relevant people

Although the criterion on who to follow should be based on the relevance of their pins for the benefit of your business and your brand, it makes sense following the most relevant users of an industry by at least 10 percent. By following these powerful Pinterest users your chances of getting a follow back, repin, likes and comments on your images can greatly increase taking your pins to larger audiences.

Use the key words in your PINs

Paying attention to SEO is a significant part of PINNING if you’re into social media marketing. The better your strategy is by using keywords in your pin descriptions and your boards, the more likely is it that you will get more  followers who are interested in your niche.

Promote your Pinterest account in your newsletter

Due to improvements in the systems of spam emails, it’s an almost sure bet that people on your list would like to hear from you. Some easy ways to get more Pinterest followers quick using your newsletter are:

-Announcing your presence in a newsletter that you send out on a regular basis, encouraging your loyal readers to click and follow you.
-Send an e-mail with an attractive Pinterest image about your presence on Pinterest, and invite your readers to learn more.
-Encourage your subscribers to visit your Pinterest account adding the icon on your newsletter, displaying one or two of your best pins.

Add Pinterest to your email signature

Allow people to find you with a click. Attaching your Pinterest username on each e-mail you send will give you a better opportunity to promote your Pinterest account and attract new and potential followers. Simply add the URL of your page on Pinterest to your e-mail signature and allow people to follow you with just one click.

Be reciprocal

A good practice is to always check the profile of a new follower or anyone who has liked or repinned one or various of your images, and consider to follow them back. Other tips to follow certain accounts include:

-Are they important players in any field? If so, consider a follow back.
-Are they repinning interesting, beautiful and informative content? If it’s true, following back can help your source of repins.
Following back will not hurt your account and in return and it will give you an opportunity to interact with your new followers.

As you can see these 8 easy ways to get more Pinterest followers quick can be applied to any other social media network like we said in the beginning of this post and as long as you stick with these tips as your social media bible you’ll never have to purchase Pinterest followers like artists, entrepreneurs, Internet marketers and small and big businesses do.

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