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Must See! The Best Vine Videos In Their First Year Of Life!

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Some of the best Vine videos during their 1st year!

Vine, the famous six seconds mini video blog, was certainly not afraid to make its launch into the world on the same day of the Apple Mac anniversary, but surely its founders were not even near about guessing what was about to happen with their six seconds videos social network one year later.

best vine videos 2013-2014  According to Digiday, one of every five tweets per second contain a link to Vine and at the end of last year, the network reached forty million users.

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To celebrate the first anniversary, the network created the web page A Year on Vine, where they gathered a compilation of the best Vine videos during their first year, including those with the most amount of  likes and the most shared throughout all 2013 and the beginning of this year.

We decided to add some of the funniest here so you can enjoy and share with your friends..

You can celebrate #GravityDay anywhere, even at 34,000 ft. Keep the chain going. w/ Marcus Johns & JEROME JARRE BY: @GeneralElectric Really… Green beans? #royals

Jesus Take The Wheel Project X Vines, Gage Bican #laborday #killingtime #remake #loop YIPPEEEEEEE IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!

The life of Juan. Starring in “Taken”.

From its beginning and throughout last year, Vine has proved a force to be reckoned with, racking up 40 million users in just seven months. Not one to pass up on an opportunity, rival Facebook made moves to capitalize on Vine’s success, adding video capabilities to Instagram back in June.

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