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Tips And Tricks To Get More Instagram Likes On Your Photos

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How to get more Instagram likes on your Instagram images:

If you’re an avid Instagram user I’m very sure that on more than one occasion you’ve wondered why did “X” photo you uploaded to your account got almost up to a “100 likes” more than the “Z” photo you uploaded the day before. I don’t think someone can be able to give you a logic explanation to that one since there are many factors that can influence an image to get more Instagram likes and even to reach the popular page of this social media platform.


However, and according to a study held by Curalate, a world leading marketing and analytics suite for the visual web, starting with Pinterest and Instagram, which was based by analysing more than eight million Instagram images, the small snapshots details do play an important role at the time of receiving more or less “Instagram Likes” to the images. Their study found that:

The photos with high luminosity received 24% more “Likes” than the the darker images. The images with a plain background often received 29% more  likes” than those with not and uploaded photos where the color blue predominated received 24% more “likes” besides those where the red was the predominant color.

get more instagram likes

Images uploaded with one dominant color only received 17% more ‘likes’ by those images that had several colors. The images with low saturation received 18% more “likes” than those with bright colors while photos with high levels of texture generated 79% more “likes” compared to those with no texture.

Why is it important to have in mind all these simple tips?

To the majority of users this might sound something hilarious because all they want is to be able to share their #selfies and their #lunch with their closest friends in a simple manner and that’s it. However, for all those who use Instagram as a marketing tool, like we do, should take into account all these details because they can really make a difference in your brand.

According to Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate 65% of the images on Instagram can harvest between 0 and 10’Likes’ [..]« Making small adjustments, brands looking to connect with consumers on visual sites like Instagram and Pinterest can rapidly see their likes skyrocket on engagement, which in return can result in an increase in the loyalty of your brand’s customers and most importantly, sales».

Bottomline; : the more images your brand uploads to Instagram complying with the above tips and tricks to get more Instagram likes, the more ‘Likes’ it will get reaching out more people and gaining more followers on the short and long run with a percentage that can end up being customers.

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