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TweetAdder! The Perfect Twitter Marketing and Management Software

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 Twitter Marketing and Management Software

I finally figured out  a perfect Twitter marketing and management software that I can use to boost my social media and my online business. I knew a lot of people have been using Facebook and Twitter to let customers know about special events and new things going on with their business.

I decided that my business needed to be on Twitter, so I set up a Twitter account and I got the word out to my customers that we were on Twitter and it seemed to be working. Then I heard about a cool web site that was offering the perfect Twitter marketing and management software that lets you automate the best functions of Twitter to make it easier for you to take advantage of social media.

What I am talking about is a Twitter management software program that I found on the Internet, it has a bunch of tools that will do many of the Twitter functions for you. It is called TweetAdder.

twitter marketing and management software Tweet Adder

 They packed this software package full of six very useful tools that will make using Twitter much easier for you. I am able to send out tweets to all our followers at a set time everyday without having to do it manually.

 The tracking features are very powerful, I can see who is following us and when they are following our tweets and I can use that information to send out targeted tweets. It can also search for followers for you. You can the multiple filter settings and it will do the work for you. Imagine being able to explode your list of followers without having to do all the work yourself.

  Automated Tweets and Direct Messages

Getting the word out to our customers was the main reason why we started using Twitter in the first place, but all those messages were getting really hard to keep track of. Not any more, thanks to Tweet Adder, we can schedule our tweets to go out to all of our followers periodically throughout the day. Not only that, but we can also tweet out to our Facebook pages and really get our messages out about upcoming sales and events.

Account Management Tool

Though we only have a single Twitter account for our business, Tweet Adder does allow for managing multiple Twitter accounts if your business is set up with more than one account. This makes it much easier to keep track of all of them from a single dashboard.

What is Trending on Twitter?

If your business can benefit from knowing what people are talking about on Twitter, TweetAdder can help you with that also. It can show you what topics are trending on Twitter and it also lists the hottest #hashtags that are being used.

So, if you’re currently using Twitter to connect with your customers and looking for a way to maximize your time, then Tweet Adder is for you. Download TweetAdder here...

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“The Perfect Twitter Marketing and Management Software”

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